Mission Statement:

The Beauty Blog Awards was set up 5 years ago to honour the best of the blogging world. In recent years the blogging scene has changed and evolved into a much more dynamic industry with microblogs, Vloggers, Influencers and social media stars. We are constantly growing with the industry and are gradually introducing “influencer” as our key title. The voting is all done online solely down to the public, tickets are invitee only to this FREE event for influencers ensuring complete transparency and real authentic bloggers and influencers big and small are rewarded and recognised for all their hard work and contributions.

Core Values:

Integrity – We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. We leave voting in the hands of the public.

Recognition – The awards was set up 4 years ago as we believe that all bloggers and influencers deserve recognition for their blogging efforts

Fun – The Beauty Blog Awards has always been a fun-filled positive night. We aim to celebrate all influencers big and small, with cocktails, canapes and a sprinkle of glamour.

Gratitude – We respect and value the industry and work with our partners to leverage maximum attention for the awards ceremony and exposure for all bloggers and influencers 

Our Ethos

The Beauty Blog Awards have existed for five years and each year we listen to public opinion to better the voting structure. We have progressed from judging panels and individual opinion to a full public framework. The awards were created as a transparent event to reward and celebrate the participants for all their hard work, teachings and positive influences. For this to remain a fair system, we do not take part in any aspect of the nomination process. We do not nominate anyone internally thus following this ideology, by the same token we do not take any nominations down as we feel this may affect the terms on which the awards were built. The public have full control. We never push one nominees over a nominee it’s always the public that decide who is the deserving blogger.

It is key to note that the attendance of the nominee at the awards and other factors do not influence the chance of winning as results are entirely down to public voting. We do however engage and open dialogue with nominees on their suggestions such as categories to look for voters, when a nominee may not suit a specific category etc.

The voting process is a long one by specific design , with the three stages
1. Nomination
2. Longlist
3. Shortlist
4. Finalist

We will continue to run the awards as transparently as possible. Please remember that the public hold all voting powers and also hold the power to decide which nominees make it onto the shortlist next week. We will continue to engage in dialogue however , in staying with the Beauty Blog Awards ethos, we hope you will understand, it is beyond our remit to remove nominees that have been selected by you, the public.